Jannick Fabel – Sentia

Jannick has a long and deep understanding of the public and private cloud market as well as the stepping stones towards the cloud. As a broad technology & services generalist Jannick learned first-hand how security and privacy have become one of the top concerns cloud customers face.

Jannick can lean on 8+ years of experience in various technical and commercial roles at some of the largest cloud and hosting companies in the world helping him to truly understand the impact of GDPR not only for the cloud provider but for their customers as well.

Johan Vandendriessche – Crosslaw

Johan Vandendriessche is a partner at Crosslaw. His practice covers ICT law, data protection and privacy law, as well as intellectual property law. Johan combines his law practice with several academic activities. He is, amongst others, Visiting Professor in ICT law at the University of Ghent and Visiting Professor in ICT and Data Protection Law at the HoWest University of Applied Science.

Hans Graux - Time.lex

Hans is a founding partner at time.lex, a member of the ICT Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), a Member of the ICT Committee of the Order of Flemish Bars, and an independent legal expert in the Flemish Supervisory Committee (Vlaamse Toezichtscommissie).

Having graduated in Law in 2002, he obtained a complementary degree in IT in 2003. This combination makes him the ideal specialist for complex legal files that also require a solid technical grounding. Since 2005, he has primarily been active as a lawyer at the bar of Brussels.

Hans frequently acts as a legal advisor to the European Commission in several policy areas, including electronic signatures, identity management, privacy protection and e-procurement. In 2007 he co-founded time.lex. His recent assignments center mainly around data protection (privacy protection), cloud computing, open source software development and geographic information systems

Alex McDonald, CTO Office – NetApp

Alex joined NetApp in 2005. With more than 30 years’ experience in software development, support, sales and a period as an independent consultant, Alex is now part of NetApp’s CTO Office that supports industry activities and promotes technology & standards based solutions (NFS, CDMI and others), and is currently chair of the SNIA CSI (Cloud Storage Initiative), vice-chair of the SNIA ESF (Ethernet Storage Forum), and co-chair of the SNIA SSSI (Solid State Storage Initiative). He has extensive speaking experience on a variety of topics including flash technologies, future directions, and privacy & security laws & requirements as they apply to data storage

Jan Smets, DPO – Gemalto

Jan Smets is a certified Data Protection Officer, besides his role as Pre-Sales Manager, at Gemalto, Enterprise & Cyber Security. Jan helps customers implement data security solutions by blending business-led issues with technology to deliver a customer focused approach to solving security and compliance challenges. Prior to Gemalto, he was a Technical Manager at Motorola Solutions where he managed the Central & Eastern Europe / North Africa region.

Erik de Jong, Chief Research Officer – Fox-IT

Erik de Jong, Chief Research Officer at Fox-IT, is a security professional with 20 years’ experience in the field of information security. In his current position, Erik shapes Fox-IT research into threat, incident and vulnerability trends. Previously he was responsible for Fox-IT’s security research team: hunting and applying intelligence. Prior to that he ran FoxCERT, Fox-IT’s computer security incident response team.

Previously, Erik has held positions as incident handler and security advisor for the Dutch National Cyber Security Center. There, among others, he was project lead to bootstrap the processes for the Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands and he co-wrote the first edition in 2011. His first steps in Security happened at McAfee, pre-2000 and pre- ILOVEYOU. Those were the days

Jan de Bondt, Co-founder – iGuards

Jan De Bondt is co-founder of iGuards. Jan is a business transformation expert and worked for different multinational companies. He could see that going digital is the main focus of every company, but setting up a secure strategy with expert digital advisors is very often neglected, or even not in the project scope.

Security should be embedded from the start, by design, and present in each department.